About Katherine Newcomer, Esq.



  • In Private Mediation Practice since September, 2003.
  • Approved Mediator:  On the Roster for the Superior Court of New Jersey Somerset County Family Part, as a custodial mediator since January, 2004.
  • Approved Mediator:  New Jersey Judiciary's Administrative Office of the Courts' (AOC) Economic Mediation Program for Family/Divorce Cases, Rule 1:40 for cases that have not settled at the Court's Early Settlement Panel since March 2010.
  • Mentor for the Economic Mediation Program Since 2016.



Graduated from Rutgers School of Law - Newark in 1978. She became a member New Jersey Bar in 1978. 

A cum laude graduate of Drew University (1975) in Music and Religion, she realized that Mediation was a better fit with her philosophy and life goals. What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.


As a non-practicing attorney she can see both sides impartially

As a non-practicing lawyer, she can more easily see both sides of the situation: she does not naturally advocate for one party against the other.  She has extensive experience in acting as a neutral facilitator to help clients to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement.

Arbitration Experience


Experienced Neutral in Civil Matters

  • CAP Motors Arbitrations for Porsche Motors through Demars and Associates,  PO Box 925, Haslet, Texas, 76052. Phone:  (262) 549-6700 ‎ since December, 2011.
  • Cap Homes Arbitrations through Demars and Associates since October, 2012.
  • NetNeutrals Dispute Resolution for EBay Motors through Demars and Associates since November, 2012.

Katherine G. Newcomer, Esq. Mediation Services


  • Katherine Newcomer is a member of the New Jersey Bar, but has been a mediator since 2003 and limits her practice to mediation and arbitration. When she practiced law, her experience was in general law. She is on two New Jersey Court Rosters involving mediation: Custodial (since 2004) and Economic (since 2010). Her settlement rate of court-based mediations is approximately 95%. 

  • Her experience in Dispute Resolution and Arbitration is extensive. She has decided well over three hundred and fifty cases for NetNeutrals through DeMars and Associates, including NetNeutrals,EU. She conducts hearings and writes decisions for CAP Motors for Porsche Motors North America and Ford Motor Company as a part of the DPS6 Class Action Settlement as well as for CAP Homes. 

  • She graduated cum laude from Drew University, Madison, New Jersey and her senior year abroad at Oxford University, U.K. She graduated from Rutgers – The State University, School of Law, Newark, with a J.D (1978) and was admitted to the NJ Bar in the fall.

  • She served as Director on the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM) from 2008 to 2013. She served on the Board of Safe Harbor Access Centers from 2007 to 2015. She developed and implemented the initial NJAPM webinar program. She is the Chairperson for NJAPM Peer Mediation Groups. She chaired the NJAPM Annual Divorce Seminars from 2015 to 2019, co-chaired NJAPM’s 22nd and 23rdAnnual Conferences. She and has served as a Role Play Coach for NJAPM’s 40-Hour Divorce Training since the fall of 2015.

  • She published a chapter in Online Dispute Resolution: An international Business Approach to Solving Consumer Complaints in 2015 and a novel, The Phoenix and Falcon.

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