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Helps Couples with the divorce process through mediation.

Katherine Newcomer has helped divorcing couples since 2004 break through impasse as they move forward to the rest of their lives. Rather than turning to litigation, parties begin to communicate more effectively as she guides them along the divorce process. Her goal is to help the divorcing couple to resolve their issues by opening lines of communication.  In the past, divorcing couples could only turn to lawyers who tend to resolve issues in an adversarial manner.  Families can become divided by battles about property, parenting, and support. The results can have long term, destructive consequences, especially if there are children involved.

Katherine's Goal is to facilitate a "GOOD DIVORCE"

The goal of mediation is to help the spouses have a "good divorce" by finding both mutual economic justice, and in time, closure to reach that place of emotional indifference where "It's over."  Katherine helps couples and families through the very difficult transition of separating and divorcing to the rest of their lives.  She has offices in Somerset, Morris, and Hunterdon Counties, New Jersey.

DIVORCE ​​​​MEDIATION IS an equitable and efficient process.

DIVORCE ​​​​MEDIATION IS an equitable and efficient process in which the spouses resolve financial issues and agree upon a fair parenting plan for any children. The divorcing couple keeps control of this process - the divorce settlement will reflect their wishes, and not be ironed out through hostile conflict, but through honest dialogue.  

The couple understands their family's needs far better than their lawyers, much less a judge.  Mediation saves the couples the financial burden that litigation imposes.    

ALLEVIATES the IMPACT upon the rest of BOTH SPOUSES and children's lives.

The way in which a couple divorces can impact the future of their children. Katherine's expertise in developing parenting plans ultimately allows the children to have enduring relationships with both parents.  She has worked with over two hundred couples in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Vicinage XIII, with their parenting plans. Often these cases are high conflict.  She has helped almost 98% of these parties to find practical and equitable parenting plans. 

Katherine G. Newcomer, Esq. is a non-practicing lawyer

She graduated from Rutgers School of Law - Newark in 1978. She became a member New Jersey Bar in 1978.

A cum laude graduate of Drew University (1975) in Music and Religion, she realized that Mediation was a better fit with her philosophy and life goals. She has limited her practice to mediation and arbitration.

Katherine G. Newcomer Serves as a Arbitrator in Civil Matters

Katherine has extensive service as an Arbitrator in Civil Matters involving vehicles and home owner concerns.

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